We all need a little direction, eh?





An Overview and a Plan

We'll take a look at what you're doing and what you want to be doing.  After we examine strengths and weak spaces, celebrate some failures and get some perspective, I'll craft some action-step driven strategy to make your next series of biz goals a fly-high reality.  A mixture of all my services is ideal: branding photography, social media management, website development, printed and online design.

I'll connect your strengths to a game plan so you can play more and work less.  0 to 180 for reaching clients and serving customers what they need, to be devoted brand followers.  


For the last few years, I've been called back to my alma mater to teach on the makings, survival and flourishing of a photo business.    Ya see, 13 years of photo biz and strengths in strategy and input have me scheming up ways for folks to refine and grow their business so it works for them, not the other way around.  Looking back, it's been the prep for these classes as well as my time spent teaching, the Q&A after and the follow up with students that I have loved most.  

13 years ago I started my photography company from my college dorm room.  In 2009, I purchased a historic storefront, renovated it and ran my company from right inside a beautiful bay window.  Weddings and portraits were my game, on an advertising budget of $0.  I worked social media and over-served to reach like-minded clients with a referral engine. 

All that amounted to a flourishing business that carried me right into sustaining work and motherhood.  

My mind is one that loves to learn.  I enjoy strategy.  I am strong on input and I'm quite a bit scrappy when it comes to crafting a plan (that's within budget) and sticking to seeing it through to flourishing.  I've learned my way through many pickles, I've pursued knowledge in my weak places and sought counsel where I needed to grow and I want to share that with you.  I want to hear your weak places, your goals and craft a plan for marketing your product or service to bring in the perfect clients