Let's get social.


Social media is a pervasive marketing platform, but it can take some time and keeping up with those ever-changing algorithms takes time away from you doing the work that you love doing.  With a quick dose of strategy,  a marketing calendar and some time spent, social media accounts can create brand loyalty and drive clients to your website where they can convert to clients.  

Management of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are my focuses - each having their own purpose for various types of businesses.  To get started you'll complete a questionnaire about your business and the way you prefer to communicate with clients.  I will do a review of all your web presence and marketing materials to understand what sort of communication you prefer.  We will discuss whether your needs are more of a marketing plan and content schedule, designed templates, fully automated posting or a full socials takeover where we create and execute a full plan and schedule.  

Sticking with social media development for 6-12 months will help you see effectiveness.  With your account, a monthly assessment of analytics on your site, follower numbers on your accounts and interaction stats will be shared so you can see where your marketing dollars are helping get your product or service to your clients.  

I am so passionate about improving your reach and enjoy the strategy of learning just enough about new fields to share their value with potential clients.  Social media is such an interactive, wonderful channel for connecting and building relationships with clients, but the time involved takes you away from the work you truly love.  Let's trade loves and I'll share your work with the world, while you're busy doing it!





Social Media Management


At our initial consult we will cover your needs and expectations.  You'll give me the low down on your brand's goals and mission and I'll return to you a strategic proposal and contract based on both the work that needs to be done and your budget.  Most brands average 8-12 hours of service per month.

Services may include:

Set-up and Management of accounts

Design and Content Creation

Daily, Tri-weekly, Weekly Postings to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Answering client comments and reviews 

Develop follower awareness, Engage and Build follower relationships,  &

Increase website traffic