Nutritional Therapy

We’ve all got them - those symptoms that we can’t seem to knock or correlate to a cause.  Those symptoms that often get a ‘try this script’’ with a trip to the doctor or bloodwork that comes back with ‘you’re fine’, with a side of ‘it might be all in your head?’  

A flurry of trauma and a long chain of symptoms pushed my body into an autoimmune storm. Maybe you’re there, too? When I found functional medicine, I found a direction for my healing. Connecting with my innate sense I began noticing and responding to the foods I craved and those that I was repelled by - that I truly began to heal and feel better.  

4 autoimmune diseases in remission and a bucket of digestive and period problems patched up - all credited to nutritional therapy. During my own family’s healing journey, I found out how much I love to partner and encourage others and solutions. We’re going to move the needle on your health and allow you to live a full life, free from physical limitations!


Common Conditions & Topics I work with:



-Brain Fog/Depression

-Digestive Issues/Leaky Gut/SIBO/Candida

-Adrenal Fatigue


-Hair loss

-Painful/Irregular/Missing Periods

-Stress management

-Trauma recovery

-Autoimmune Disease (Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lyme etc.)

-Hashimotos, Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid

-MTHFR gene mutations

-Mold Exposure

-Heartburn/Acid Reflux

-IBS/Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis

-Fertility Issues

-Sugar Addictions

-Skin Breakouts

-Supplements and Therapeutic Nutrients

-Cooking Tips & Food Preparation

-Gluten/Dairy Free with Children

-Meditation & Breathwork

-Food Sensitivities

-Food Sourcing

-ADD, ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders (Children, too!)


What you receive:

Deep Symptom Analysis ✔️ We’re going to go through the list of things you do notice, the little things that bother you, the big things that keep you home and likely some symptoms you haven’t noticed yet.  We’ll walk through your stress levels and sources, the ways you care for yourself currently, investigate your chemical load and past practices that have failed you. We’ll do a deep dive into your health history, food journal and look for patterns and connections.  I want to hear your concerns, make connections for you and address root causes so that we can find long-term solutions. We’ll paint a holistic picture of your health story presently, then we’ll get to crafting your future, together.

Diet & Lifestyle Action Plan ✔️  Food heals and we’re going to match your unique body with a unique food solution.  We craft a plan guided by your goals and symptom concerns paired with insight from what your body systems are telling us. We are going to ADD IN foods you love, that are enjoyable & nourishing for your body.  We’ll work to crowd out those unhealthy choices with new patterns so that change will be more easy and more fruitful, longterm.  Part of that process will include identifying where food hits you in your feelings, then work together to repair your thinking around food.

One-on-One Coaching & Support ✔️Our time together will be vision-based and filled with motivational tips. When we’re apart we’ll keep in touch via voice or video messaging to answer your questions and keep you focused.  Need recipe help? Need a food swap? Have a question about changes you’re seeing? Having a rough day? Feeling like you could do better? I’m here for all of that.  Think of me as your personal, cheerleading food strategist!

Supplement & Protocol Recommendations ✔️ In-person clients can test the accuracy of current supplements during the functional evaluation.  We’ll use lingual-neuro testing to identify the organs or organ systems in need of support. Real-time feedback on what your body desires, your nutritional deficiencies and what your body desires to heal and which therapeutic nutrients can help boost your healing process.  After your intake appointment, you will receive an email with applicable teaching videos and materials to keep you reminded of what we’re doing and why. You will receive a custom food protocol as well as supplement and nutrient recommendations.

Flexible Appointment Options ✔️ We can meet in my Simpsonville, Ky office or online via Zoom. In-office clients can benefit from the functional exam while online clients will receive the same services and learn some practical at-home methods to get feedback from your body.

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Clarity Call | 15 Mins | Free

During this scheduled call, I want to get to know your needs. My plan is to both answer any questions you have about nutritional therapy and identify if I can offer you a healing experience that matches your needs and goals.

Initial Consultation | 90 mins | $250

Together we will review your family and medical history, current medications and supplements. I will review your 4-7 day food journal, providing dietary analysis and connection to your symptom information. When we work together in person, I will also perform a full functional evaluation to learn as much as I can from your physical body, which will point us toward the most effective points of support. After our consultation together, I will draft a specific and complex protocol with the reasons behind your symptoms, provide you with motivating education around the systems you’ll be nourishing and a detailed strategy to effectively guide your body into healing.


  • Detailed & thorough health & family history

  • 4-7 day food journal analysis

  • Assessment of your lifestyle (Eating habits, stress & stress management, sleep habits, exercise, home detox, personal toxic load etc.)

  • Discussion of your primary goals and concerns

Tools and assessments, used as needed

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionarre (NAQ): 300+ questions to evaluate your symptom burden and find nutritional or functional weaknesses and deficiencies or organ system burdens.

  • Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT): a biofeedback tool that uses the body’s innate intelligence to determine which specific nutrients can be effective therapeutically to correct imbalances and deficiencies. Can also be used to test your current supplement’s effectiveness. (only available in-person)

  • Hands-On Functional Evaluation: a physical exam that discovers nutrient imbalances and deficiencies as well as specific organ weaknesses (only available in-person)

Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Free 30 days in the private heyheyMAE nutrition Facebook Community

  • Takes your body’s physical feedback, paired with your goals and concerns to create measurable short-term and long-term goals

  • Food-based solutions to help you heal and exceed your goals

  • Provides a plan to implement healing of nutritional weaknesses and imbalances

  • Body positive, a balanced and sustainable whole foods approach

  • Provides new patterns to implement healthy lifestyle practices for affecting your health through sleep, exercise, stress management and mindset

  • Recommendations for therapeutic nutrient and herbal supplements

  • Based on your comfort level and time available to commit - you’re in control!

  • Additional resources that apply (articles, podcasts, books, recipes etc.)

  • Positive ongoing personal support and coaching to fortify your successes and redirect your challenges

  • 14 days of text, Voxer or Marco Polo support

  • Add-on services and functional testing as necessary

Community Packages

After your initial intake, we’ll work together to determine your level of desired care. I’ll make a suggestion and you make your choice!

It has been my experience that in the seasons of the most healing, I was walking alongside practitioners and community that were also committed to my health. There’s a saying I’m fond of: “When I is replaces with we, becomes wellness.” My Facebook Community gives you access to an archive of teaching, recipes and encouragement that is searchable by what you’re currently facing. You’re also in a group with folks walking just before or behind you on the same journey that you can seek support and encouragement from. Unlimited support gives you access to me via Voxer or Marco Polo voice and video texting apps, to ask questions about your learnings, ways in which you need supported and a quick touch point to share success, struggles, quesitons and the like. We will gear our follow-up appointments to test new foods or nutrients as needed, adjust your protocol and continue to empower your healing with specific teaching to your body’s journey. From time-to-time we will complete an updated Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to have clear data on where and how your body is healing and where we can focus our therapy.

You may feel confident and able to take your protocol and implement it, too - and that’s great! You have the freedom to hop back into continued care at any point or even spend time in the Facebook Community on a monthly basis at $40/month.

Level 1: 3 total visits (1 initial, 2 follow ups), 3 months private hhM Facebook Community & 2 months Unlimited Support, Complete in 3 months) $450

Level 2: 5 total visits (1 initial, 4 follow ups), 6 months private hhM Facebook Community & 4 months Unlimited Support, Complete in 5 months) $650

Level 3: 8 total visits (1 initial, 7 follow ups), 9 is months private hhM Facebook Community & 6 months Unlimited Support, Complete in 9 months) $950

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Systems Support:

Work on the systems that will help you sustain change and function smoothly as you nourish your body, teach your family what you’re learning and learn hands-on. Filled to the brim with specific education and ideas for executing new habits.

Pantry/Kitchen Remodel | 90 min | $130

  • Toss/Donate items

  • Food label education

  • Swaps and Upgrades for favorite items

  • A finished grocery list for new choices

In-Home Cooking Class | 2 hours | $150

  • Shopping list emailed before for one week of meal prep

  • Full food prep for a week of healthy eating

  • Systems to keep you eating the food we prepare

  • Formulas for short-on-time meals

  • One-on-One cooking education, focused on efficiency and long-term change

Grocery/Farmers Market Tour | 90 min | $130

  • Food label education

  • Shopping for a week of eating

  • Budget tips

Farmer introductions and quality foods education

Follow-Up Single Session | 60 mins | $100

Available for all initial consultation clients. Together we will measure your progress and provide positive ongoing personal support and coaching to fortify your successes and redirect your challenges. You’ll leave with new goals and a successes list from your results.

Food Journal Review | 45 mins | $75

Learn more about your current diet and foods, digestion and wellness approach. Get feedback on what serves you well and where you may consider change and growth.

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Ready to schedule?

Get excited!  We’re going to move the needle on your health and free you up to live a full life, more free from physical limitations!

  • Payment is required to schedule your appointment.  There is no refund.

  • If you need to reschedule, 24 hours notice is required and  then you may reschedule within 30 days with no fee loss.

  • All paperwork is due to me via my online portal. Bringing your 4-7 day food journal to your appointment.  Please allow 6 days from today for booking to allow completion of all information needed to help you.