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What I'm looking at to read in 2017!

After a few solid pushes from you readers, I'm whipping up this too-large list of what I'm looking to read in 2017.  The list is alllll over the place: some recommendations, places I need to learn to walk in other's shoes, very little fiction because I'm a bore (kidding....sorta), an assignment or two, a couple author bunny trains, a heap of kitchen memoir and a few advance reader copies coming my way.  Most of all I'm super excited and have already wrapped one book up!  If you want to keep up or see more, I'm pretty good at tidying my GoodReads account, so hop over there and lets be friends! My goal for the year is to read 25, but I'm pretty sure I'll surpass that as I started the year deep in the middle of 8 or so books. So. We shall see what I stumble upon, which of my library holds comes in first and what I found out in our Little Free Library. Happy ideas to ya!