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Poking around with friends

Sweet, little guys: you keep me so busy!  I've been trying to make more pictures, but it's often tricky as we're so busy just being.  We visited the zoo with our friends Andrea and Henley and they treated us to a train ride which you, Truman, mentioned as your Wow! prayer for the day.  Such a gift to see your wonder.  Little Cal just loved that it moved, we were with smiling friends and he got a chill stroller ride.

Another night, we headed over to hang with Josh and Hay Hay at the Wright Elementary playground and go for a little golf cart ride.  Super fun.  Lots of imaginative fireman games which led us to visit the Bagdad Fire Department with them later in the week.  Truman, you were totally in awe of getting to see the firetrucks and try on the fire gear and you talked about it for dayysss.  So sweet to see you move from trains into firetrucks - but most sweet is to see you bravely trying new things and growing in kindness.  Love you both.