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Just hangin' around, livin' the life

Got to have a few days with just Cal and I and it was fun to watch him bloom on his own.  TONNNSSS of chatter and a very marked effort at walking that ended in walking success!  Hurrah for that.  Still lots of falling down and just short bursts of steps, but it's seemed to wear him out quite a bit - back to sleeping through the night after several months without.  PRAISE.  In my little estimation, he also seems to have all of his teeth in that he'll be getting - molars included.  Excited for the chill and funny phase that's on the horizon for this guy.

We've been enjoying lots of outside time, lots of garden time and lots of trying out new activities and playgrounds.  And, of course, LOTS of gator rides together and just enjoying being outside.  I will say everything seems 100x more fun with y'all.  Gardening is this magic, wonderfilled experience - which is why I love it - but the amount of WOW and OHHHHHH that our plants and growth solicit from your little heart, Truman, is just soooo wonderful.  Cal notices things that are out of order or folks who are sad with a quick 'UHT-OHHHHH' and Truman is still busy giving hugs, high fives and saying hello to anyone in his vicinity...which Cal has learned.  Little Calvin stands at the living and dining room windows often and waves at cars as they pass, saying 'hiii!'.  So sweet to get to be with two friendly guys.  Both of your joy and friendliness has made us many new friends and been an avenue for pointing me to the joy of Christ - so much joy in your two hearts.

We're also really loving our library times and Truman is more into picking books and asking for specific ones and specific characters.  Lots of Arthur, Curious George, diggers/dump truck/garbage truck, and Bernstein Bears.  Tru has also started to enjoy listening to books be read in the car via audiobook.  Is a bit hard to find young reader books with matching audiobooks, but when we can line them up he loves them extra.  Trying to take advantage of his smart mind that sucks up his school memory verses like a sponge and is listening to (and memorizing and asking sooo many questions about..."mom, sometime can you show me what a leap is? says makes my heart jump and leap?!") lots of various music.  Some of our faves right at the end of this post...

Love you boys.  Thankful for the way the Lord loves us through shared love and joy.  Is a good good good gift I never knew I needed.


Our recent favorite kids church music...LOVE these.  Like I actually listen when the kids aren't with me - ha!

And a couple top faves are super cheap on amazon's audiobook - audible app is so easy to use in the car with the boys.