Rest and waking early


Lately I've felt like I a. can't get enough done (chronic Elizabeth-Lizzie-Loo-problem), b. I'm not getting to read/learn as much as I'd like, c. I'm not taking the time to workout because I leave it for the end of the day when I'm zonked and d. a tired, bumbling life isn't the one God has for me soooooo...I better get to praying for strength and direction and putting one foot in front of the other.   And while I'm not accomplished at this yet, I'm strides ahead of where I was two weeks when my eyes kept growing big everytime Luke would ask me to do anything and the only alarm clock I was using was Truman's 7am cry.  Much thanks to a few friends on the interwebs, namely Jess Connoly, Valerie Woerner and Nancy Ray.  They can each, often be found instagramming or blogging about their early morning routines and how they run their companies or do crazy things like keep 1-4 kids alive and thriving while planting a church and running a network of women or shipping out a zillion prayer journals weekly while continuing to innovate.  For me, that has been SO encouraging.  To be reminded, that with God's strength, I was made to do more things, serve more people and pretty much roll out of bed in the morning.

And not in the 'lets do so many things so we can be awesome' way.  Nope.  I have a company to continue to run while loving my family well, raising a son to know the Lord and serve others, friends to grow with, peeps to serve and care for, a mind to grow and a quilt to make (more on that later).  I've always been a happy morning person, which I attributes to my parents.  My Dad trains racehorses so he's always been veryearly to rise and I'm sure since I was a chatty little kiddo, Mom sent me to the track often and on the other days I was probably up eating Cheerios with him before he left anyway.  I've always enjoyed getting up, but somewhere in the early years of Lizzie Loo I turned into a crazy, work-all-the-hours kind of silly person and totally forgot that waking before 8 is possible if you go to bed before 2....or 3, which, unfortunately I was notorious for.

Which brings me to my current state of being.   For two weeks my goal has been to be up by 6.  Some mornings the Lord is gracious and wakes me up, so it's staring at the ceiling fan or getting a move on it.  Others I hit the snooze 5x and have to coax myself out of bed by remembering how it feels to have time to myself before Truman wakes up.  I would like to move towards a 5 wakeup, but this progress will have to be slow and steady for now.

Most mornings I wake and grab a cup of coffee and settle down with the bible, a bit of Shauna Niequest's new devotional Savor (LOVE) and try to work through my prayer journal before I hear little baby voices.  Most mornings its worked.  A few have been met with an early, teething riser, which has been hard.  I've decided this practice is only a M-F thing to keep weekends as free as they can be for a wedding photographer.

Other mornings I've been able to write, read and work through our photos of Truman to blog them, and get them printed for his baby book - overall, I haven't missed that hour or two of sleep at all.  Just tricky to get out of the bed, but once my feet hit the floor it's smooth sailing from there.  I've found that having a plan the night before helps me as does going to bed earlier.  At first, the earlier bedtime was annoying, mostly because I'm just plain tired but want to do things.  Usually by 9:30, definitely by 10.  Which sounds plain crazy to my pre-baby self who slept maybe 6 hours and could take on endless activities, but alas.  A little person can both make you giggle til your 'abs' are apparent and put you into a euphoric land when you know they're finally asleep for the evening.

Today I got up and worked out in the basement, made breakfast, had coffee, did a devotional and now I'm here writing as Truman wakes in the next room.  All this to say, if you're feeling weary, you're missing time in your day or once the kiddos are in bed you're ready for sleep, too, that's ok.  It's not just ok but it's possible to listen to your tired, evening body so you can wake up your morning body and do some things for you, get some tasks checked off the list using both hands and avoiding the drool puddles that come with a baby on your trail.  You can always try it for a few days and go back to sleeping longer if it's not your thing.  OR you can try it for a few days, find a whole new way to take care of yourself and be better for your family and get sucked into a 9:30 bedtime, too.  Huzzah!