On being in a writing, censorship trap


This blog was started with two purposes: to document our family and give me a place to write words about living within the family deal and not have them tied to my work - where they could quite define me and maybe even separate me from probable clients, unnecessarily.  That said: it ain't happenin.  The writing, I mean.  I feel, more often than not, little freedom to write here due to it being 'family' or 'truman's picture place' or whatever else.  And so I sit at home, ideas swirling in my head all dang day long and I don't write. Well.  That's over.  'Tis time to reclaim the blog for it's selfish journal-keeping ways, to write the things I don't want to forget and clear my brain of reflections on everything from getting peed on by a certain little boy to what Mother's Day means to a hardworking self-employed lady tossed into the sea of motherhood.  And without much regard for others, really.  Which may be rough at times...but it's important to me to be straightforward and honest.  So many other more-brave-than-I-ladies' writing helped me as I sailed my ship into that motherhood sea and I really, truly think there isn't enough honest writing out there about being in the trenches of getting drooled on, running a small biz with a family and just being a human who does more than instagram the pretties all the day long.

So.  Here we go.  Expect more thoughts on what I'm reading (did you even know I inhale books?), some posts on questions I get asked more than twice (because obviously if two will actually ask the awkward question there's gotta be 50 more of us googling it and coming up short) and still pictures of my little man.