Just Another Morning


You're growing by leaps and bounds and you're just so fun.  The mullet is in full force and I keep willing it to curl around your ears, though I'm not sure it'll work before it's time for a trim.  I love how hard you work at your new tasks - walking, drinking from cups, drinking smoothies.  You accept your brother's apologies and intense 'loves' and hugs with grace.  You can go from yelling (maybe a bit dramatically?) about a hurt he's inflicted to nuzzling your fluffy head into Truman's neck while he promises, again, not to push you over or whack you with a lego.  Thankful for your example to be quickest to forgive - we need more of your silly puddy heart in the world.  And we need more of your joy-bubble nature, too.  Love you so, sweet Calvin.  You are such a little light in our home.