Q&A Kid's Journal - Post-nap grumps to kids party gift


Last week a sweet little package arrived with a return address for Freely Give Co, a company unfamiliar to me.  After taking a quick naptime peek around their site and looking through their gift box options that give back, my excitement for my own package jumped up quite a bit.  


A canvas drawstring bag held a sweet 3-year kid's journal.  The striped cover was delicious and textured with just enough embossing pizzaz to delight a kiddo and quite enough class to sit on my shelf of daily study things.  

Thumbing through the pages, I loved the simplicity.  I'm not exactly the best with daily prompts and another thing to keep up with for the boys, but this seems simple enough.  One quick question a day with a short scripture verse and 3 spaces for writing.  I plan to try and use it with both boys as Cal is chatting more, but a simple answer with each's initial and age fits perfectly.  The journal is aimed at a 3-year timeline, but you could easily fit in more or less.  



What I've loved most are these questions break through even a 3-year-old's grumpy afternoon slump.  We've mostly dropped the nap and on the days he naps, he's crabby after and on the days that he doesn't, he's needy and crabby - enter this journal.  I get our afternoon snack together, tell him it's time for "our special question time" and we head for the sunroom couch.  Some days his replies have been short and another he told me he'll be getting married in June, when he's 10-years-old.  He then asked a few questions about weddings, we recited the bible verse together, ate snack and commenced playing in a much better mood.  It generally opens discussions and questions that wouldn't otherwise happen.  So good for us and certainly for older kids.  I could see this being a sweet bedtime recap, too.  



We've only been at the journal keeping for a long week and I've already enjoyed looking back on past answers and having a second (or third!) chuckle.  Check out this sweet journal here  and know that while this journal was a gift to our family, these opinions are my own and we're really enjoying it.  I can't imagine how fun it would be with an older child who has more to say!  It's totally going on my birthday party giving list - paired with a cheap digger or car and it's a sweet gift that lasts a little longer than most.