Play-Doh Printable for last minute Valentine's


Last fall I grabbed a giant bag of mini Play-Dohs from Costcos' Halloween offerings to keep around for playdays and when I realized Tru needed Valentines for school, I whipped up this quick little printable. Our house is gluten and dairy-free for the time being, so this treat option is perfect.  Plus, no one needs a preschooler high on life AND sugary candy.  Figured he'll get lots of candy options, so some Play-Doh to stimulate some creativity was a wise choice.  


It's quick and simple, just run a couple sheets of cardstock through your printer and cut in fourths.  I used a paper cutter, but you can easily skip that step and opt for scissors.  I don't have a punch large enough for Play-Doh, so I grabbed a kitchen knife and cutting board to make a series of cuts where the Play-doh would go. You can see the above photo where I shoved the Play-Doh through and added a little washi on the back to keep it secure.  Tape isn't necessary, but I'm all about a little extra color on this minimalist preschool Valentine.  Enjoy the links below for easy downloading - and if you've got a guy named Truman like I do, I included a personalized option.