Making shifts and jumping into health change can be overwhelming - in fact, it is! This page is a compilation of my favorite resources - education and products, alike! You may find items I talked about being great substitutes or ways to increase nutrient density - favorite appliances and tools that make living a healthy life, sustainable.

Favorite Brands

Vitamix, Lodge, Dr. Bronners, Vital Proteins, Diva Cup, Beauty Counter, Primally Pure, Native Deodorant, Schmidt’s Deodorant, Biotics, Microbiome Labs, Atisana Organics, Great Lakes, Anthony’s Organics, Natural Vitality, Traditional Medicinals,

Favorite Documentaries

Sugar Coated, That Sugar, Sustainable Food, Food Inc., Vaxxed, In Defense of Food, American Meat, What the Health, A Place at the Table


Amazon Favorites









Coffee, Drinks & Co.


Detox Life


Kitchen Faves


Natural Medicinal Faves


Household Favorites


Health Books


Heathy Heart Books


Kid Favorite Books



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