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My friends call me the Truthteller. And for good reason. For 14 years, I've served people through images and that imagery business served my life and family.  I whittled down this gift of a business time and time again to fit my life, not the other way around.  That's not to say that I haven't gone through seasons of crazy workaholic tendencies - I have! But I saw the problem, resolved to grow and change and saw it through.  

I think the keys to growth are wisdom, hard work and reaching out for support

There are others who have been ahead of us and can remove an array of steps to get from here to there.  That's where I come in.  I want to cheer you on, help you see your business problems different and push you towards growth and flourishing.  Sometimes this approach is sheer business and numbers, but other times it's heart work, self-awareness and seeing how your personal blind spots limit you in your work. It’s often the revision of your systems, client communications or putting in structures to make things run and free you up to grow and move your business forward.

Let's get in touch and schedule a coaching session.  I love to do calls via Zoom and really enjoy when we plan to meet a few times in a row to tackle a problem.  Before we meet I'll have you complete a host of questions about your understanding of your personality, the financial health of your company, your own physical health, problems you’re facing, pitfalls you're stumbling through and your vision for what you want life to look like: how a thriving business would meet your needs and help you flourish. 

My goal is for you to have a business that serves your real life. Having a business makes space for you to live more fully and freely - that’s why we’re self employed, after all!

Coaching calls begin with a robust initial intake where I can understand the scope of your work, the challenges you face and start you off with a guided protocol. You can schedule single follow-ups whenever you wish, or commit to bi-monthly meetings, saving you a little penny and giving access to Q&A support whenever you need it.  I only take on 5 coaching clients a quarter to keep the focus on supporting you.  

Expect to have skin in the game and that you’ll be hearing from me to hold you accountable and see you get to growing!

Initial Intake and Protocol $250

  • Prep work Questionarre

  • 90 minute Hour Video call with Elizabeth

  • All my notes, ideation, Next Steps and a Measurable Growth Task

  • Follow-Up Email Check-Up

Single Coaching $150

  • 60 minute video call with Elizabeth

  • Follow-Up Email Check-Up

Bi-Monthly $250

  • Twice the strategy

  • 2 - 60 minute video calls with Elizabeth

  • Unlimited text/Vox/Marco Polo Q&A support, 48-hour response time

  • Twice the Follow-Up Emails